How To Tell If Your Windows Need Replacement

This blog is all about choosing the right windows for your place, and avoiding problems that might come along during your project.

How To Tell If Your Windows Need Replacement

How To Tell If Your Windows Need Replacement

24 October 2022
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Do you live in a home that has older windows, and you're wondering if they need to be replaced? It will help to know the following signs to look out for that can indicate the need for window replacement. 

Cold Windows

Certain materials are going to transfer cold temperatures to the inside of your home quite easily. This is common with windows that are made out of a metal material or have single-pane glass. However, it is a problem often mistaken for a draft, when it is actually those cold temperatures that transfer through the material. As the air inside your home touches the cold window, it causes the air in your home to get colder. You will then feel that air drop towards the floor where it touches your feet. It's a problem simply due to old windows that need to be replaced with a more modern material, like vinyl and double-pane glass. 

Functional Problems

Have the windows in your home stopped working properly? Windows that do not function properly are not good, since you may have trouble opening and closing them, or even having a window stay open without having to prop it up. While sometimes these windows can be fixed, it may not be worth putting the money into them if they have other issues as well. 

New vinyl windows are going to come with a lifetime warranty on them. This can give you peace of mind that you are not going to fun into any functional problems in the future. If you do, then the manufacturer will replace the windows as long as you follow the manufacturer's care recommendations to maintain the warranty. 

High HVAC Bills

You may notice that your HVAC system is working harder than it should these days, with rising energy usage without any change in thermostat settings over the years. This will be due to your windows simply being inefficient and needing to be replaced. Windows are the weakest point in your home when it comes to energy loss, and upgrading the windows can make a huge difference.

Noise Problems

Do you feel like you hear a lot of noise from outside your home? This could be due to the glass that you have in your current windows. Single-pane glass is not going to dampen outside sounds that well, with double and triple-pane glass performing much better. Make the upgrade if you live on a busy road, a street with a lot of foot traffic, or near a playground or a school. 

For more information about choosing replacement windows, like vinyl windows, contact a local dealer.

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