Indoor Vs Outdoor Storm Windows: What's The Difference?

This blog is all about choosing the right windows for your place, and avoiding problems that might come along during your project.

Indoor Vs Outdoor Storm Windows: What's The Difference?

Indoor Vs Outdoor Storm Windows: What's The Difference?

18 April 2016
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Installing storm windows is beneficial because it increases the amount of energy you save by adding an extra layer of insulation to the windows in your home. Storm windows are great for assisting in regulating the temperature of a home to ensure it stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Once you've decided to install storm windows, you just have to decide whether to install the indoor or outdoor style.

Home Appearance

Storm windows on the outside of the home will change the way the home looks. Exterior windows are put into place over the original windows and can be seen by pedestrians. Homeowners who care about the way their house appears can choose to have interior windows placed instead. These storm windows cannot be seen from the outside and should not affect the curb appeal of a home. 

Energy Savings

When it comes to saving money, a new interior storm window may be a wonderful and easy addition to helping keep some money in the resident's pocket. The indoor storm windows are sealed into placed and do not have a space between them and the original window. This keeps more air from escaping and causing the homeowner's electric bill to potentially be less each month. However, this is not the case for exterior windows. Due to the fact they are not placed tightly against the actual window, sometimes condensation can build up. This means a drainage hole must be built in to release any liquid so the frames do not rust or rot. These holes allow some of the air within the home to escape and do not significantly help the energy bill.


Outdoor storm windows are constantly exposed to the elements. This may mean strong winds or heavy rain and this will eventually damage an exterior window. Interior windows are less likely to be battered by a storm's punishing wind or rain. They are easier to keep in excellent shape and need less maintenance than an outdoor storm window. 

Additionally, homeowners may find it annoying they cannot open an interior storm window to let a breeze in on a nice day. Outdoor storm windows do not keep the actual window sealed shut and can be opened or closed with ease.

Ease of Placement

Interior windows are typically easier to put into place and to remove than an exterior window. They are often considered to be a temporary solution and potentially could be packed away after the storm has passed. Exterior windows are more of a long-term option for homes and can be harder to put on or remove. While they can be taken off of the home, some homeowners may find it a daunting task and choose to leave them on instead. For more information about storm windows, contact a business such as Active Hurricane & Security Protection.   

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