Three Wrap Ideas For A Personal Vehicle

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Three Wrap Ideas For A Personal Vehicle

Three Wrap Ideas For A Personal Vehicle

13 January 2023
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When you think of someone who gets their vehicle wrapped, you might initially think of a professional such as a real estate agent or contractor. While it's true that these people often use vehicle wraps to increase their profile around town, many people also enjoy choosing wraps for their personal vehicles. If you're interested in pursuing this idea, it's important to know that your vehicle wrap doesn't need to feature words and images in the same way as a professional's vehicle does. Instead, a simpler design can be appealing. Here are three wrap ideas for a personal vehicle.


Most vehicles have shiny paint; many automotive paints also have a metallic hue that helps to give them a sparkly look. If you like the idea of your personal vehicle having a different look, a matte wrap is a popular choice to consider. There are all sorts of options that you can pursue. One idea is to choose a matte version of your vehicle's current color. For example, if you have a car with sparkly gray paint, choosing a matte gray wrap will offer a twist on the color you're accustomed to. Alternatively, you might like the idea of going in a completely different direction and choosing a new color in a matte finish.

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is a lightweight, durable material that is popular in high-end vehicles and race cars. Its expense doesn't make it practical to use in an average personal vehicle, but you might like the look of carbon fiber enough to choose a vehicle wrap that mimics carbon fiber's appearance. This design, which features black and gray lines that appear to be woven together, will help to give your car a sleek and expensive appearance.


Some people like the idea of having the wrap on their personal vehicle to give their method of transportation a completely different look. If you're of this mindset, one option to consider is a wrap that makes it appear as though your vehicle is heavily rusted. These wrap designs are increasingly popular and are made to look as though there are large pockets of rust in several areas of your vehicle. You might like the idea of finishing a sports car in this type of wrap, as it will cause people to wonder why your car is so rusty — only for them to eventually be amused when they realize they're looking at a wrap.

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