Window Shade Demonstrations

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Window Shade Demonstrations

Window Shade Demonstrations

14 September 2022
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Motorized and non-motorized shade products may be featured during a showroom demonstration that is held at a window treatment store. The demonstration may involve observing how products open and close, plus witnessing stain removal and upkeep techniques.

Past Experiences

Viewing photographs of window products or reading reviews may not supply enough information about a particular treatment product that is being sold at a window treatment store. Unsatisfying experiences that have involved investing in shades or other window treatment products that did not work as intended can influence what types of products you purchase in the future.

A scheduled or non-scheduled shade demonstration that offers interaction between a consumer and the demonstration materials can provide great insight. A customer can use this type of demonstration to compare similar products or to decide between two vastly unique window coverings.


A window covering store may feature a permanent demonstration area that consists of windows and window treatment products. This type of setup will provide a visual example of how products look when they are secured over a window. There may be the option to touch fabrics and open and lower the shades that are on display. If a shade product is designed to be operated with an electronic device, there may be a remote control that customers can use.

When engaging the remote control device, a consumer can take note of how quickly a shade product opens and closes. They will also observe the manner in which a shade rolls or folds up. Some modern products may contact a casing that will conceal a shade in its entirety when it has been lifted up from a window.

A scheduled demonstration that a sales associate will be giving may be featured at a store on a frequent basis. Anyone who is shopping inside the window treatment store will have the opportunity to learn about some of the products that are for sale. A sales associate may describe various materials that shade products are made of. They may provide a visual demonstration that outlines the proper care techniques that a particular shade product will require.

At the end of the demonstration, there may be the opportunity to examine the window products further. Manually touching shade materials can help a consumer determine if a particular product contains quality features. After choosing products that are of interest, a consumer can locate the same ones on the sales floor.

For more information about window shade showroom demonstration, contact a local business.

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