3 Reasons To Invest In Double-Hung Windows

This blog is all about choosing the right windows for your place, and avoiding problems that might come along during your project.

3 Reasons To Invest In Double-Hung Windows

3 Reasons To Invest In Double-Hung Windows

20 April 2018
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When the time to replace the old windows in your home rolls around, you have the opportunity to select new windows that are better suited to meeting your family's needs. Single-hung windows are commonly found in residential properties.

Replacing the single-hung windows in your home with double-hung windows can give you access to many benefits you never knew existed.

1. Double-hung windows are versatile

If you are looking for windows that allow you total control over the flow of air moving through your home, then double-hung windows are your best option. Double-hung windows feature two separate sashes. The lower sash can be raised from the bottom, while the upper sash can be lowered from the top.

This means that you can open only the top sash to capitalize on summer breezes without allowing dirt or moisture to ruin a window sill. You can open both sashes to let a lot of fresh air in, or you can open just the lower sash for more conventional window use. This versatility makes double-hung windows the perfect replacement option for modern families.

2. Double-hung windows are safe

Safety is a primary concern in most households. If you have small children or pets, who like to play near the windows in your home, opting for double-hung replacement windows can be beneficial.

Having the option of opening just the top sash while keeping the bottom sash firmly in place allows you to let air flow freely into your home without exposing your pets or children to a serious safety risk. The likelihood of a child or pet falling through a double-hung window with just the top sash opened is slim, making these windows the safest option for families.

3. Double-hung windows are easy to clean

Keeping your home's windows clean and streak-free is an essential, but sometimes difficult, task. It can be a real challenge to clean the exterior surface of each pane of glass in your home without relying on a ladder or investing in professional window cleaning services.

The upper and lower sashes of a double-hung window can tilt inward to facilitate easy cleaning. You simply tilt the outer surface toward you, and you can clean your windows from the comfort of your own home. The ease of cleaning can be a real selling point for double-hung windows, allowing these types of replacement windows to add significant value to your home in the future.

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