3 Tips For A Plant-Friendly Sunroom

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3 Tips For A Plant-Friendly Sunroom

3 Tips For A Plant-Friendly Sunroom

29 July 2016
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When you think about a sunroom, you might think about having beautiful plants everywhere. Because of all of the natural sunlight, it can be the ideal place for many plants. However, there is some planning that you'll need to do if you want to use your sunroom in this manner. These are a few helpful tips that can help you design a more plant-friendly sunroom.

1. Install Shades

Even though the whole idea of a sunroom is being able to enjoy all of the natural lighting, it is important to be able to control the lighting. Some plants don't need full sun all the time and can actually be damaged from too much sun. With shades, you can control the amount of sun that your plants get. Plus, it can be a good thing to be able to shield the sun during certain times of the day, when you want to enjoy your sunroom without dealing with the harsh sunlight.

2. Choose Flooring That Won't Be Damaged When Wet

Another thing that you should consider is the best type of flooring for your sunroom. Since many plants require drainage, there is always the chance that water will leak out of your potted plants. Plus, you might accidentally spill some water on the floor when you're watering your plants. This means that you may want to avoid carpet, which can grow mildew and mold if it gets wet often, and other flooring types that might be damaged by too much water. Instead, consider tile flooring or another flooring type that is resistant to water.

3. Keep Essentials Close

You'll want to make it easy for yourself to take care of your plants while in your sunroom, so plan for that when you're designing and decorating it. You may want to keep a small, decorative gardener's cart in the sunroom to hold essentials, or you may want to install shelving. Then, you'll have a place to put your potting soil, plant food, watering can, extra flower pots, seeds and other essentials.

If you want a plant-friendly sunroom, it's important to plan for it. If you consider these three tips when preparing for your sunroom, then you should be able to take full advantage of the natural sunlight and other parts of your sunroom so that you can grow ad keep beautiful, healthy plants while enjoying the sunroom as much as possible yourself, too. Contact a company like Blue Springs Siding and Windows to get started.

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