The Advantages Of Double Pane Windows

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The Advantages Of Double Pane Windows

The Advantages Of Double Pane Windows

5 July 2016
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Compared to those with only one sheet of glass, double pane windows offer a wealth of benefits. Yet many people still don't understand what makes double pane windows worth the extra cost. If you are considering upgrading the windows in your home, read on. This article provide a crash course in the advantages of double pane windows.

Energy Savings

Perhaps the most attractive feature of double pane windows is that they have a direct, and often quite pronounced, effect on a home's energy costs. That's because the two panes are separated by a thin layer of air. This air acts to boost the insulating properties of the window. In fact, double pane windows are capable of reducing heat loss by as much as 70 percent, and heat gain by as much as 77 percent.

Environmentally Friendly

The energy efficient nature of double pane windows also means that they're a much greener choice. In other words, not only will these windows save you money when your heating bill rolls around, but they will also reduce your home's carbon footprint.

Noise Reduction

That layer of air sandwiched between the two pieces of glass in a double pane window is good for more than insulating against unwanted thermal transfer. It's also just as effective where sounds are concerned. This sound insulating property is commonly expressed in terms of the Sound Transmission Class rating, or STC rating for short.

The STR rating of a single pane window is commonly between 18 and 20. Double pane windows, on the other hand, generally have STC ratings between 28 and 32. What that means for you is that less noise from the outside world will make its way into your home. This is an especial boon for those who live near major roadways or commercial districts.

Lower UV Levels

Ultraviolet light is responsible for more than just unwanted heat gains inside of your home. It also has a nasty way of bleaching objects over time. Fortunately, double pane windows do a much better job of preventing the intrusion of UV light than their single pane kin.  That means no more worrying about your carpet--or your couch, or your wall paint--bleaching over time.

Those who want to reduce the intrusion of UV light even more should consider upgrading the glass in their double pane window to low-e glass. This glass contains a special coating designed to reduce the levels not only of UV light, but also of infrared light.

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