Why Wood Is Still A Great Window Option

This blog is all about choosing the right windows for your place, and avoiding problems that might come along during your project.

Why Wood Is Still A Great Window Option

Why Wood Is Still A Great Window Option

29 April 2016
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If you want to invest in new windows for your home, you should definitely consider wood. Most new tract homes are built with synthetic windows. Products like vinyl and fiberglass are very popular because they are easy to maintain. However, most people will agree that they are not as stylish as wooden windows. It is true that wooden windows do require a little more maintenance, but in the long run the maintenance is not too time-consuming. So, if you are truly concerning wooden windows, you should not be overwhelmed or intimidated by the necessary maintenance. This article explains a few great reasons to invest in wooden windows for your home.

Coordinate Your Home With Wood

The most obvious reason for choosing would, over lower maintenance products like fiberglass, is the fact that wooden windows look so much more stylish. Wood has long been used in window construction because people love the look of natural wood. It can be painted a solid color or stained with clear tint that leaves the natural grains and wood color exposed. Many people also love to coordinate their wooden windows with other wooden element around the inside and outside of their home. For instance, you can have your window stained the same tint as a piece of furniture. Also, you could have the outside stain to match the color of an exterior fence or roofline. Basically, with wooden windows you have the ability to coordinate better.

Another huge advantage is the fact that you can change or refresh your window color over the years. Refinishing wood is much easier than trying to refinish or repaint materials like fiberglass or vinyl. If you are a homeowner who constantly changes the style of your property, this is a huge advantage.

Wood is Sturdy

You should also not discount the fact that wood is very sturdy product. Wooden windows have been used for centuries because they are reliable and efficient as long as you keep your windows sealed and stain, you are unlikely to have any problems. If your window does get damaged, scratched or dented, it is actually very easy to patch. Patching wood is much easier than patching vinyl or fiberglass. In fact, many homeowners already have putty so they can easily catch defects as soon as they pop up.

In the end, wood is still a great option for replacement windows. As long as you get your windows a little TLC, they will remain sturdy and stylish throughout the years. Contact a company like Gallagher Bros. Inc. for more information.

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