Three Falsehoods About Auto Windshield Glass

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Three Falsehoods About Auto Windshield Glass

Three Falsehoods About Auto Windshield Glass

21 April 2016
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It is important to keep your car's glass windshield intact. However, you might not be aware that there are many things you can do to ensure there are no problems with it. In fact, you might even believe untruths about the glass which may cause problems. Here are some of the common myths people believe about how to deal with their windshield glass, along with the correct information about each one. 

Dings and Chips Need No Attention

One common thing that people do is to ignore small chips and dings on their windshield. They may feel that it's just not important enough to make time for the windshield to be fixed.

Ignoring minor damage can be problematic for the glass on your windshield. For one thing, they can get deeper over time. Vibrations from the car door being slammed and temperature changes could cause those chips to turn into cracks. If that happens, you might end up spending more money to have the windshield repaired than if you had taken care of the smaller problem right away.

You Can Stop Cracks with Heavy-Duty Glue

You might see a crack on the windshield and assume that using glue will stop the crack in its tracks until you can have it repaired. However, using glue could cause more problems than you realize.

When you use glue without cleaning out the crack, you run the risk of locking in dirt particles that may end up causing more damage to the glass. In addition, repair might become impossible because if glue is lodged in the crack itself, a technician cannot work directly on the cracked glass. The whole windshield might need to be replaced.

It's Okay to Use Hot Water to Defrost the Windshield

If you have somewhere to go in the colder months and want to defrost a frozen car windshield quickly, hot water might seem like the perfect solution. After all, you might think, hot water can dissolve ice.

What you need to know is that the sudden shift of temperature from cold to hot could very well cause a windshield crack. If you already have small cracks, they may deepen. Be patient instead and allow the car to warm up slowly. Give the defroster a few minutes to work.

Use the accurate information from this article to help you preserve the windsheld glass in your car. If the glass does become cracked or damaged, get in touch with an auto windshield replacement company to have it repaired. Many of these services offer mobile service so that your windshield can be fixed quickly no matter where you are. For more information, talk to a professional like Mr Go-Glass.

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